Organic Reaction Mechanism and Problem Solving


Welcome to TAPSOC-2ed web site, the support page of your Wiley-     Book THE ART OF PROBLEM SOLVING IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 2nd ed, (2014)  by Prof. Miguel E. Alonso-Amelot, Wiley author since 1987.

As you read your TAPSOC-2nd ed you should have found calls to supplementary materials in several places, re-directing you to this site. There are over one hundred of them as PDF files at no cost or special requirements from your computer except for a standard PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

All these files can easily and quickly be accessed by clicking the Supplementary Materials label at the top of this page. Simply select a chapter or problem number, click on the suppl material of your choice and the file will pop up before your eyes. Really enjoyable and constructive reading. Don't miss it as you will not only learn a lot of organic chem but find additional mechanism problems as well.

Creating solutions to problems in organic reaction mechanism, the fundamental goal of this workbook, is a powerful and gratifying brain enriching GAME, not the treadmill one is led to believe. So, have fun!

The following are some courses and activities where TAPSOC 1st and 2nd editions can be used as guidance and companions:

* Advanced organic chemistry

* Organic reactions, mid and advanced

* Organic synthesis, mid and advanced

* Research seminars

* Group discussions - Brainstorming sessions

* Problem analysis techniques

* Individual high level training for professional development